Futurion Research Report: How to Build Consumer Adoption of Mobile Check Deposit

Futurion benchmarks 20 top U.S. multi-channel retail financial institutions (FIs) with an assessment of customer experience for mobile check deposit. Consumer survey research explores best practices in customer experience, including both UX/heuristic and risk-related policy areas for top banks, a large credit union, and an investment-sector player as well. Focus: helping financial institutions improve customer experience and strengthen business cases, to ultimately improve customer response. Download a copy from Mitek.

Innovation Speed to Market Study 

Based on interviews with 28 innovation leaders from North American financial services, payments, and telco innovation leaders, this study contrasts how the largest-scale disruptive digital money projects are managed, from ideation to full launch. The differences were dramatic, with many best practices and methods discussed How do your innovation processes compare to what's typical in the industry? The study shows the surprising diversity of project stages, duration, and approaches. Click for free download (available from partner Comrade/CI&T site) 


Building on an understanding of a client's market, capabilites, and goals, Jim brought clarity and agreement to a conflicted leadership team with a fresh and factual research-driven approach. Stakeholders rallied together toward new opportunties that were more clearly defined through this approach, while agreeing to abandon one hotly-debated option. Segment targets were redefined, pricing approaches were fine-tuned, regulatory opportunities and headwinds were understood, and messages were created. Success. 

White Paper: Design Mobile Point-of-Sale Payments Based on Consumer Needs to Drive Adoption

Mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) payments for in-store purchases have not been the overnight success that some have expected. High-profile partnerships have heightened anticipation, yet there’s still no telling when consumers’ phones will finally replace cards and cash.  Industry leaders must now return to customer-centric principles for prioritizing needs and customer experience design.

Jim has presented to hundreds of audiences, including gatherings of credit union or Federal Reserve Bank CEOs, technology vendors' client summits, and the U.S. House of Representatives (Congress) on the future of payments and identity. Popular topics include consumer empowerment or reshaping today's action plans for tomorrow's most intriguing technology shifts. One security-sector client has Jim leadoff their annual client gatherings, bringing an unforgettable futurist's focus that sees the audience put their phones down and instead raise hands to participate. 


Many leadership teams — including managers, executives, and boards — are more confident in today's control or execution than they are in preparing for the future. From occasional presenter, on-call advisor, or adjunct team member, Jim uses his experience as a product manager, research strategist, founder/CEO, and board member to prepare leadership teams for the future. The format can range from one-on-one coaching, workshops, or sessions at a team or board meeting. Content may include digital and mobility, identity, Internet of Things (IoT), millenials or retiring boomers, regulatory uncertainty, and sustainably-profitable customer engagement. 


For a global payments brand, Jim assessed a hotly-debated identity and funds-movement initiative, with comprehensive research that was designed to ultimately unite all stakeholders. When the intended global targets didn't respond to research as stakeholders hoped, a different segment with stronger needs and financial wherewithall was found, and an appropriate offer was created. The recommendation was not without risk, and the clients moved past their previous state of internal division in order to win. 


Jim has served as an expert witness in multiple legal cases related to data breaches and risk of identity theft or identity fraud, which included detailed expert reports, deposition and courtroom testimony. These assignments have involved the Anthem data breach, the LabMD, Inc. (FTC No. 9357) which was decided by the Federal Trade Commission, and nationwide clothing retailer The Gap, Inc. and others.