Media Quotes, Presentations and Published Articles


Here are just a select few of hundreds of articles, speeches, and media quotes that have been published from Jim's work. Citations are more likely to be listed here if they represent a historical industry change, such as early growth of PayPal, widespread fears over risks of chip cards or mobile payments, enmity with banks during the great recession, or today's outlook for blockchain payments. Considering Jim as a key presenter? Please ask to see a full-length, recent video.

Stay tuned: my next research study on innovation will be completed at Money2020 and released shortly after. I will be blogging on this, and covering it via social media as well.

  • American Banker article with my observations based on a prior mobile payment deposit benchmarks study I completed

  • SXSW session: Innovation Lessons from Fintech Frontlines, from a published research report   


  • BAI article How Community Banks Can Mobilize for Mobile Payments                    



  • A BankThink article recommending bankers emulate Internet companies in creating customer delight and revenue


  • News article on how financial institutions and other businesses can manage customer retention and losses in the face of security threats (both a transcript and audio recording is provided):




  • NPR story (audio and written version, brief) on safety and financial impact of mobile payments:  




  • Video of presenation at U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: (CFPB) about 3 implications of    fintech to prosperity of both providers and consumers (note: start watching at 1:41:00):















Full video recordings of live industry presentations are also available by request, and a deeper web search will yield hundreds of other quotes, articles and transcripts from over the last few decades. Comments as well as notifications of inevitable bad links are welcomed.