Jim has helped hundreds of leaders most successfully implement transformative initiatives. While a few additional broad examples of past work are listed under the 'Projects' tab, it's often easiest to start with a simple conversation about a need, problem, or goal. 


Leaders rely on trusted experts as to confidently navigate toward the future. Past the hype, the likes of blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, identity, and shifts in trust, demographics, and globalization call for updating game plans faster than ever before. Leaders also value Jim's experience and data-driven approach in courtrooms and regulatory circles. Jim bridges the gap between future trends and specific action plans—relying on facts rather than speculation—enabling leaders to confidently take steps forward.


When leaders ask Jim to work closely on their specific initiatives, he applies hands-on digital commerce experience to anticipate hidden obstacles or opportunities, while ensuring that all vital aspects of the product overhaul or launch are in place. When a more intense and sustained approach is needed—and in particular as the new direction represents greater risk or payoff—such closer collaboration can make all the difference in transformative success. 


Jim is a highly rated presenter, taking both intimate team gatherings and large client events on a journey to the future. What makes the difference? Clients cite data, empathy, and a persistent focus on action. Jim’s interactive sessions uniquely dispel misperceptions about yesterday while applying research of relevance today, to focus teams on navigating toward the most relevant future opportunities.